I moved to wordpress!

So it is done: I moved to wordpress. I will stop publishing here and you can find my posts on mareku.nl

The day my music went global...

Starting today everyone in the world can listen (and buy) my music :-)
My latest album "Heartbeat" is available now on Deezer, iTunes and Spotify among others...

The Whistling Cat

Robin Williams

Because we had to say goodbye to Robin Williams to soon I thought it was a good idea to rewatch some movies of him. Sure "Death Poet Society" is probably the best - but on an other level "The Birdcage" is quite good too. I thought he did a good job to match or even surpass Ugo Tognazzi in the original "La cage aux Folles" - which was hard to do, because Ugo was excellent.  Sad that so many actors/performers decide to quit - either through drugs or otherwise. It shows how hard performing really is...

Lauren Bacall - the original super diva

I was sorry to hear that Lauren Bacall died. She was such a super star - with an unforgettable expression. I liked almost all of her movies but my favorites are:
How to Marry a Millionaire
Key Largo
Designing Woman
Murder on the Orient Express
The Mirror Has Two Faces
Thanks Lauren for all the wonderful moments.


Head up display helmets: not a good idea

Is it just me or don't I see the full picture here? I don't like the idea of Head up display helmets like proposed by Skully. It is way to much distraction while riding to see stuff in your display, follow your GPS and to see what's behind you. The aerodynamics are also not ideal if I look at the prototype.
And is the helmet safe? or even comfortable? I let this one pass.