The day we got photographed by Jimmy Nelson

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Eddie - Jimmy and me
We were not allowed to smile - so we look dead serious :-)
We went for a cultural trip to Leiden and visited 4 museums: Lakenhal, boerhaave, Oudheden en Volkenkunde.  So we saw very nice paintings by Gerrit Dou, Jan Steen, Rembrandt, gruesome medical devices and the first microscope, very interesting Greek and Roman vases and the cultural history of people from all around the world. While walking through the Volkenkunde Museum we met the famous photographer Jimmy Nelson who has an exhibition at the museum with his "Before They Pass Away" series about tribes who are on the brink of extinction. He immediately offered to make a picture of us in his studio right there  - but only if we took of our T-shirts. Well: we were a little afraid that we would become part of this "tribes which are dying series" - but that is NOT the case :-)
So here we are: on the Museum Poster...

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