The day I chose quality above quantity

16:15 mareku 0 Comments

There was this article by Jenna Wortham's in The New York Times, wherein she says that twitter has devolved into a platform for self-aggrandizement. We're still sharing the news, she says, but we now are "straining to be the loudest or the most retweeted and referred to as the person who captured the splashiest event of the day in the pithiest way." And that's exactly how I felt about Twitter lately: I got annoyed by the noise and so missed the quality content. 
Almost all companies (and some people) it seems have targets with the number of followers, tweets, retweets, etc. which take away all the fun. So I radically erased more than 200 accounts I followed and am back to follow 25 max. (Which I try to be the best of the best) I like it already :-)

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