Day 4 - one more temple and Campeche

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edzna temple

campeche street

nothing special lunch

sunlight in campeche

swimming pool in hotel
Via the temple complex of Edzna, yes the Mayas were very busy: there are hundreds of temples here in Mexico. We try only to pick the most interesting ones. And yes what we have seen so far they are all very different in style. OK some have some same kind of buildings like a palace or a soccer field, but in style, set up and feeling they are very different indeed. Edzna was no exception in the fact that we were the only tourists around this time of year. Which makes things so more relaxing and special.   
Campeche is a (Unesco certified) colonial walled city. It has very bright colours, which reminded me of Miami beach - but just a bit friendlier. The new sea front is not so great however. But overall this town has great character. The cathedral  is one of the oldest in south america and calle 59 is very nice. The strikingly blue sky and the bright sun and colours of the houses make it a special place.

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