Day 6 - two waterfalls and San Christobal de las Casas

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On the road
behind the misol ha waterfall 

Mexican Oranges tast great, specially when fresh pressed

at the aqua azul waterfall

the aqua azul cascade is really really blue

san christobal de las casas

VW beetle - the national car, still
The road from Palenque to San Christobal is very windy and adventurous - some parts of the roads have completely disappeared  during the rain season. It offers great views though and has very high mountains. We visited two waterfalls misol ha (where you can walk behind the waterfall) and the aqua azul cascades which are strikingly blue if you are lucky - which we were.
Next to cows there is a strange phenomenon here people/children try to stop you with a rope over the road to sell bananas and such. The solution: buy bananas at the first "stop" and show them at each “roadblock” - they taste great as well.  The Mexicans have also other ways to let you drive slower: every mile or so there is a  “topes”, road bumps sometimes huge and you really want to pass those very slowly.
San Christobal itself is a tourist joint. All of a sudden we found ourselves in a situation were everywhere people try to sell you something - which is not great stuff.  The Domingo church is somewhat special, with gold paint and an ancient feeling. The rest of the city just ok - but nothing overly special. There are much more interesting colonial cities in latin america.
Our hotel (Bo) however was fun and had a very special design  and an oases in the bustling city. 

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